The Windows PC as an Electronics Test Bench

Some very talented people have come up with software (sometimes requiring a little auxiliary hardware) that enables a Windows PC to do many of the tests that required;hardware test instruments in the past.;This is particularly true for testing in the audio frequency range as the PC sound-card/device is the basis for most of the applications. Listed below are links to some of these PC test instrument applications for Windows. Look around on these sites;as some of them list other software that may be of interest. Many thanks to the authors of these applications for all their work and for making them available free of charge.;

To the best of my knowledge at the time of the last review all of the links are to freeware or;free for non-commercial use sites. As I have only used a few of these I make no recommendations - the listing order does not indicate any preference. You are on your own in choosing those which best meet your needs and;work OK on your computer.


See: Sound Card Protection  or QST magazine - February 2016 - page 47

The PC Sound Card as a Signal Generator or Oscillator:

 Audio Frequency Signal Generator - 100Hz to 15 KHz sine waves only;

 Digital Signal Generator -;sine wave, square wave, trigon wave, beat wave, swept sine and white noise

 FreeSound Test Tones.mp3 - Login required to download;

 Fluent Oscillator 1.0 - Multiple waveforms and duty cycles;

The Audio Test File Generator - sine, sweep, pink and white noise

 The NCH Tone Generator v1.03 - Later versions are not freeware

 SigJenny - a flexible and powerful audio signal generator

PC Based Oscilloscopes

 BIP Electronics Lab Oscilloscope - 3.0 - small file, low freq. scope

 Two Scope download links on this page - No details shown

 Christian Zeitnitz's PC based Sound card Oscilloscope and Function Generator

Spectrum Analyzers for the PC:

 Spek – Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer

 RightMark Audio Analyzer - tests the quality of analog and digital paths of;audio devices

 EIS Spectrum Analyzer - a;program for analysis & simulation of impedance spectra

 Baudline - A time-frequency browser designed for scientific visualization of the spectral domain.

 Spectrogram - an audio frequency spectrum analyzer - Be sure to get the freeware v. 5.17

DL4YHF's Spectrum Analyzer with Waterfall Display & real-time audio processing;

 Zelscope - a low-frequency oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer

 SeaWave - Sound Emission Analyzer

PC Based Test Meters:

 RLC Meter - Requires minimal external hardware

Another RLC Meter - Requires some external hardware - Ideas and links only. THE BOARD IS UNAVAILABLE.

Multi functional ++

 Visual Analyzer - It can't solder, but otherwise it should be a really great electronics helper

 Cobracom - Oscilloscope, Realtime spectrum analyzer, Impedance meter, RLC bridge and signal generator

Multiple Offerings: - Seven pages of test gear downloads. Somewhat like this site.

 Andrew Steer's Sound card Audio Tools and Toys - Audio Generator, Freq. Meter and Spectrum Analyzer

 ADIGA - Software for radio spectrum measurements

 David Taylor's Audio Oscillator and Sweep Generator - and the more advanced - ;Audio Test Set;

 Weak Signals - Spectran and TCube - Links to these applications are dead - 2/15/2021


 On-line Tone Generator - Select: Sine, Square, Sawtooth or Triangle waveforms and;White, Pink;or Brown noise

 WaveSurfer -;an Open Source tool for sound visualization and manipulation

 Autocord - the environmental audio monitor

Please contact me about;other applications of this type and about any corrections to the information on this page.

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